Why SMEs should use Office 365 for business

Why SMEs should use Office 365 for business

Office 365 for business is a Microsoft cloud-based service that offers access to Office applications and online productivity services, as well as business services such as web conferencing, hosted email, and online storage. Office 365 comprises of many applications including Outlook, SharePoint, OneNote, Yammer, Forms, Planner, Sway, PowerApps and One Drive for Business.

Office 365 has a lot of advantages and businesses are adopting it for many good reasons. Let look at some.

Work Anywhere

One of the biggest advantages of Office 365 is the ability to work from anywhere as long as you have an internet connection. Because it’s entirely cloud-based, you can access your email, files and Office programs (Word, PowerPoint, Excel) or company data from any location and any device. This is especially helpful for companies with remote employees, multiple locations and companies with employees who travel often.

Easy Collaboration

If working in teams is at all a part of your company – as it is the case at ToldoIT, you’ll appreciate the collaboration features of Office 365. Everyone who needs to contribute to or edit a document (or spreadsheet, or presentation, etc), can work on the same version (and get real-time changes) rather than having multiple version floating around that have to be combined.

You can also share direct access to your files, rather than send files as attachments. This means team members can make changes to one file rather than having multiple copies. Versioning is included in case you need to go to back to an older version.


If employees in your organization already have experience using Microsoft Office products such as Word, Excel, and SharePoint, then that experience may be a good reason to consider Office 365. Switching to a new communication or collaborative tools which employees are very unfamiliar with can cause major disruptions throughout an organization. Office 365 comprises of many applications which most people are familiar with in Windows OS and they are easy to use.

Mix and Match Plans

There are several different Office 365 business plans available with different programs and features. Not everyone in your company is going to need the exact same thing. You can mix and match plans, so you don’t have to pay for more than you need. It’s easy to switch between plans, too, if you find that an employee needs more or less than what they have now. Deciding on what plan to adopt for your organization can be tough call and that’s why companies like ToldoIT offer expert IT consulting service to help firms overcome some of these complex IT situations.

Security and Data Protection

One of the biggest misconceptions about the Cloud is that it’s not safe. The truth is, it isn’t necessarily any more or less safe than an on-premise system. It’s all in how you use it and what security measures you put in place. Office 365 has a lot of built-in security features to keep company’s data safe. There is Guaranteed 99.9% uptime, five layers of security and proactive data monitoring, and privacy protection. Using Office 365 means all company data is stored in the cloud. With cloud technology, your data is secured and easily accessible.

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