7 Benefits of Managed Services to businesses

7 Benefits of Managed Services to businesses

Businesses all over the world look to technology to improve productivity and enhance the way they do business. When your IT strategy isn’t yielding much, then there is a problem. This is where managed services play a crucial role.

Managed Services is a term that describes the practice of outsourcing on a proactive basis certain or all the IT functions of an organization to a Managed Service Provider (MSP). In a managed service arrangement, the MSP such ToldoIT retains responsibility for the functionality of the IT systems of an organization while the firm focus or its core business.

This article sheds light of 7 key benefits associated with managed services.


We all know this: Time is money. IT problems disrupt productivity and time spent struggling to solve them is money down the drain. When a company contracts an MSP, they get better performance – close to zero downtime and fewer glitches. This is because with managed service, IT infrastructure and systems are continuously monitored (in the case of Toldo MSP, 24/7) and most problems are detected and resolved quickly before they become worse or turn into expensive repairs and increased downtime.


Every business venture comes with certain risks. In the 21st century, things can change fast like Government regulations, technologies, techniques and markets. Keeping pace with rapid change for all aspects of a business can be very resource consuming.  When it comes to technology, employing the services of an MSP like ToldoIT ensures great risk reduction for the client as they manage most of the risk associated with rapid technology changes. They can bear the risk burden for clients due to their in-depth industry knowledge and technical expertise.


A key benefit of managed services for business owners is cost control. When firms adopt or switch to an MSP, they save a lot of cost on IT infrastructure and systems as they can cut down on the amount of IT infrastructure needed on-site. Firms not only save on the cost of hardware, but also on the cost of energy required in powering many in-house IT systems. Additionally, firms benefit from savings related to Software licensing, training and consulting. All these needs are covered by just a single, monthly investment.


A top advantage of managed services is how quickly new technology can be implemented into your business. Day in and day out, technology keeps changing and new updates are released. Acquiring new tech can be capital intensive. With managed services, firms benefit from new tech as MSPs continually invests in advance and modern technology in order to deliver high-quality service to clients.


Businesses have limited resources and every business owner has limited time and attention. Outsourcing can help businesses stay focused on their core business and not get distracted by complex IT situations.

  1. Economy of Scale

As a business grows, its support structures need to expand as well in order to sustain the growth. When manage service is adopted, a business can easily scale up irrespective of the number of employees hired for whom assistance will be needed. Firms who are scaling wouldn’t be limited by lack of IT system as obtaining the required IT needs for scale is just a matter of discussion with the MSP.

  1. Overall Business Productivity

Lastly, all the above benefits of Managed IT services lead to increase in overall business productivity by creating an IT environment that is stable, scalable and well-supported.

Regardless of whether you run a large or small business, managed services have several benefits. You will have consistent monthly costs, scale with support, gain fast access to expert service and save highly on IT infrastructure budgeting. Managed services may be the key to your next level in business.


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